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Group Energy Healing - A Soul Connection Restoration 
Focusing on Soulmate/Twinflame Connection
March 3rd - 3pm 


This Healing Session will be done on March 3rd at 3pm Est Time

You will be sent a link, so you will be able to watch it done so you can go back and watch it.

The entire Attunement will not be recorded however you will see the chakra alignment and the opening of the Crown - Down. 

Donantion Based starting at 4.99

If you want more information visit

Opening Lines of Communication will be a Vital part of this Reconnection

Align your Chakras

Cleansing your Chakras Opening you up to your Spiritual Guides


Remove Negitive Energies

Healing the Energies of the Masculine and Femine to align and bring them together

Let's Get Started

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