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People Tend to ignore until it is too Late #narcissist #abuse #mentalhealth

We have all at one time or another in our lives come across people who have no regard for anyone but themselves. Outwardly they seem to be the most kind, loving and giving person.

THEN here comes the Red Flag Warnings.

Everyone else is always at fault for failed relationships.

“She was just a Psycho”

They start to become critical of you and others.

“That is what you're wearing!?!”

“Did you SEE what she was wearing!?”

Because narcissists are naturally arrogant, they act as if they know it all.

You may receive the brunt end of this behavior as they attack various aspects of your character or appearance. They will also attack the character or appearance of those close to you.

They will become angry if your attention is not on them.

You may have felt as if they act like they are better than you or those around you.

They expect to be admired and believe they deserve the very best of everything.

This can lead to you feeling insignificant and even suffering from a low self-esteem.

Your friends OR FAMILY MEMBERS will no longer be acceptable, and it will be expected of you to distance yourself from them. They believe that they are elite and special.

They may select their friends and acquaintances based on their status or popularity. As long as friends and acquaintances serve their needs they will keep them around.

NO EMPATHY. Narcissists have a hard time feeling compassion or concerns for others. Although they are masters at faking it for the sake of manipulation. You will often find yourself having to explain basic human decency to a grown adult. You could be bleeding on the floor and the Narcissist will step over you complaining about what Susie did at work.


Your needs will NEVER come first, EVER.

They will also withhold love and affection if you criticize them, disagree with them, or do not give them exactly what they want.

Exploitative behaviors.

Narcissists have no problem using others to get what they want. They may take advantage of friends or family members to improve their own situation or advance in some way.

You have probably felt manipulated or used in order for them to achieve their goals. They may open credit cards in your name without you knowing, or use your social connections to advance their own status.

Once you have a better understanding of the beast, you can move past it and also stop yourself from falling into the same trap. Understand the behavior and then allow yourself to feel the anger and pain.

Don’t try to defend yourself unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Narcissist no longer has any control over you.

Do not react to anything they say, especially once you break free.

The Narcissist will lie to get everyone on their side.

Especially in a family dynamic: Manipulate, lie, do what it takes to have everyone hating you.

Don’t react to anything, but above all, forgive yourself, don’t keep beating yourself up.

Remember you have done nothing wrong but try to love and help this person and in return you were destroyed.

Your mental health is the most important thing. At all costs DO NOT continue to be abused by the Narcissist. Even if the Narcissist is a family member or tied to a family member. Your feelings don’t matter to them and they have none, run

Pray for them, pray they are not the new victim of this Narcissist. Someone will have to be once you remove yourself.

The pain is real, the long lasting damage can be healed. Step one: take back your Power, and remove yourself from them.

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

One of the most misunderstood topics in the area of relationships contained in the spiritual world is the concept of Twin Flames also known as Twin Souls or Twin Rays. Also that of the Soul Mate relationships.

Oftentimes, people discuss the term as though it primarily suggests that two individuals who are separate halves of the same soul needed to find the other to become whole.

Just as two snowflakes or two blades of grass are not identical neither are two souls identical to one another. Rather than being a sexual relationship or some kind of romantic connection the focus of a twin soul relationship is one of shared purposes. Twin souls come together in order to fulfill some important work that they have in common. Oftentimes that relationship manifests not in a romantic way but as two people being brought together for a purposeful endeavor. Various parent - child relationships have been known as twin flame dynamics. Somehow, by being together, twin souls can assist one another in achieving their joint mission in life.

Although the focus of Twin Souls remains that of shared work, it is possible for twin souls to come together in a specific lifetime as a couple. As to whether or not twin souls are separate halves of the same whole all souls are individuals and at the same time deeply connected to their creator. This interconnection is essential to the nature of the soul that ultimately every person is an individualized portion of the same Whole.

Ultimately, a twin soul relationship is not better or more important than a relationship between soul mates. Twin souls do appear to have a unique ongoing influence upon one another throughout many of their incarnations on the earth.

Soul mates and twin souls entail an ongoing connection between two individuals. Both kinds of relationships occur at the soul level, and both can be instrumental in assisting a person on his or her spiritual growth.

Neither relationship is one which individuals need to go out and look for these soul relationships will inevitable unfold during one's life time.

The primary distinction between soul mates and twin souls is that soul mates are brought together as a means of assisting both individuals in soul growth and twin souls often come together in an effort to achieve a joint task or united work.

#soulmate #twinflame #unique

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